A divorce, separation or a break up is not the end of your relationship if you have children together.

It is a change in your style of relationship.

Having kids together means that your former partner will still be involved in your life.  How do you handle that change?  How do you still work together for the best interest of your child? That is what Children in Between is all about.  In this class we teach you about how your interactions with each other can impact your children.  We also work to provide you with skills to lower that impact on your children.

What is Children in Between?

Children in Between (formally Children in the Middle) is a program created by distinguished psychologist Dr. Donald Gordon, with the Center for Divorce Education and has been proven to work.  The program is created to teach parents how to better communicate and work together when raising their children.

The Center for Divorce Education reports that parents who use Children in Between have:

Less Stress

22% less child stress

Better Attendance in School

70% Fewer school absences

Less Doctor's Visits

54% Fewer doctor visits

Topics Covered include:


Money Problems

Putting Down the Other Parent

Quizzing Children About the Other Parent

Children Carrying Messages

Long Distance Parenting

Never Married Parents

Safe and Instructional Group Classes

Our classes are taught in a group setting.  Parents are given the choice to attend class together or take the class separately.

Classes are 5 hours starting at 10:00am and ending at 3:30pm with a 30 minute break for lunch.

One on One Sessions

One on On sessions typically take 3-5 hours.  One on One sessions include the same material as our group sessions.  One on One sessions allow for parents who are unable to join us at our group classes due to schedule or availability to still benefit from the course.

At the end of either format you will receive a signed letter from your instructor noting your completion of the course.

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To learn more about the research behind Children in Between, click here.